We Are Mindfulness Movement on beHuman

WeAre Mindfulness Movement on beHuman

Join the We Are Mindfulness Movement to inspire people around the world! We welcome all to participate in the journey of international teachers, healers, authors, and masters in helping to bridge Western methods and practices with Eastern spiritual knowledge and soul healing techniques.

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How to Join: 

  1. Download the “beHuman” app using the buttons  below
  2. Create an Account
  3. Search “We Are Mindfulness” and select the profile 
  4. Click “Join” 
  5. Start posting and your experiences will automatically be shared with the community! 

beHuman is a centralized hub for organizations, communities, and individuals who intend to inspire by sharing impactful knowledge and experiences to the world.  Our platform presents true intelligent data based on a number of variables (intention, actions, location, impact).  beHuman exposes the beauty of your life’s journey!

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Introducing the We Are Mindfulness Movement on beHuman!

Posted on January 30, 2018 in We Are Mindfulness

Introducing the We Are Mindfulness Movement on beHuman!

Make Your Social Media More Social I am inspired to become a team member and partner to a refreshing, new kind of social media platform, BeHuman.  The power of impact and in helping to create positive, loving community is my jam-those of you that know me, know this to be true. It is one thing to post on social media something about your day, but what if every time you posted something, it meant something, changed others energy to a higher, positive vibration, or at least created a shared, common thread across the globe to help weave a...

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