Marcie Anderson Book Signing_2123Marcie offers a unique blend of speaker talents, bridging East and West to offer practical tools and processes for the schedule driven West. With accurate ancient spiritual knowledge of the East she brings lasting results to her audience. Using examples from her life, Marcie brings light to the challenges and struggles others are facing. She provides effective solutions, all while infusing humor, healing and realization so that her clients and students become free and empowered. Marcie has shared her teachings with teens, sports organizations, groups, and businesses, and offers her work in retreat settings as well as keynote presentations.


Personal Patterning:
How to Neutralize Negative Habits to Bring Positive Results

We wake up in the morning wanting the best for our day and we probably start off pretty well, but somewhere between getting dressed, receiving a negative text, and dribbling our latte on our crisp white shirt, we feel the ripples of that familiar energy creeping up from inside just a breath away from our happiness wanting to disturb. Again, our new day that had such positive potential is stopped in its tracks by those things inside of us that seem to creep in like a dark cloud.

Are your guests on the proverbial hamster wheel of negative patterned results of fear, negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety? Are they looking for a place to step off and heal? It’s possibly why they’ve decided to take time for themselves. And yet a profound part of healing is also about moving forward and people understand that positive thinking alone is not going to cut it. So what is the answer and how can they set a plan to move forward? People come to retreat centers looking for positive change, personal experience, and for help from others skilled and mastered in these ways. People need to feel better now. They are desperate for feeling a connection to self, to their friends, families, to nature, and to Source, but they are overwhelmed and uninspired.

Marcie hosts a personalized working session for groups in such a way that the audience can compassionately identify with his or her own negative patterning, and then can apply time tested techniques and practices  to reboot and redirect old habits into a new and positive way. Once having gone through such a self odyssey with Marcie’s open heart, guidance and strength, each guest will emerge from the retreat empowered, clear, feeling a huge sense of relief and healing, as well as a newfound depth of connection to love.

Contact me if you’re interested in learning more about the Negative Pattern Eliminator Workshop.

The Importance of Connection:
Your Soul Vibration Matters


We live in a world where people’s connections, connections to themselves or others are taught. Pulled tightly apart from stress, negative self-judgement, speed and circumstance. With all of these pressures people’s connections can be filled with pain, sadness, or worse yet, can break. By gently loosening then strengthening those connections a stronger person can emerge, and emerge in a way that works for them. I help people build stronger bonds with themselves, with each other, and with nature and Source, by showing them the path to loosen, heal, and strengthen their divine relationship. I’m here to bring healing to all unnecessary suffering.

Fall In Love With You:
Healing Heartbreak to Strengthen Your Soul

Unfortunately the majority of the people on the planet (more than 80%) suffer from ‘the heartbreak disease’ yet continue on with their lives not knowing how to heal from it, maybe secretly hoping it the pain of it and thought patterns associated with their heartbreak will just go away. Is it  possible to heal form heartbreak, depression and feelings of unworthiness? Yes. What if personal heartbreak could be uprooted, healed, and in its place, love, bliss, self-acceptance and satisfaction took root?

Marcie will share personal stories and insights into her own victory over heartbreak, and provide the same information and practices she learned. This way her audience not only experiences a real time healing but a positive shift to existing heartbreak, and relief.