Marcie Anderson, PhD is the “project manager to your soul”, and meditation specialist with over 15 years in practice. She is an author, international teacher and healer, and master in helping to bridge Western methods and practices with Eastern spiritual knowledge and soul healing techniques. In these times of strained connections to self, family, friends, nature, and Source, Marcie is passionate about helping to fasten securely through personalized programming, crucial bonds threatened by fear, anxiety and stress, and helps create a solid tapestry from which to move forward. The kind of person who comes to me is looking for a direct experience of a connection to Source, practical and effective tools to feel better now, and lasting positive results so that each person can live a life of good health, freedom from suffering, and full of love and success.

Marcie holds her PhD in Eastern Psychology and Spirituality from The Soul University in Penukonda, India. Marcie spent more than 13 years under the direct guidance of Spiritual Master and Saint, Sri Kaleshwar, and lived in India for ten years. She is the author of “Are We There Yet? Enlightenment for Busy People, and the author of Meditation for Athletes, which was presented to each athlete at the London Summer Olympics.

Since 2002, Marcie has been a certified and practicing yoga instructor and since 1996, Marcie has been a AMFPT certified and practicing fitness trainer. Marcie embodies the ‘your body is your temple’ but helps her clients and students to embody balance in order to create lasting peace.

Marcie is a former competitive athlete and sports model for Nike, Adidas, Precor, Stairmaster, Avia, Asics. Runway/Print Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Columbia Sportswear, Pendleton and a member of IDEA Foundation since 2002.