Marcie Anderson-Corporate Wellness Consultant

Bringing awareness, healing and empowerment through knowledge, meditation and practice.

About Marcie Anderson

Marcie has dedicated over two decades studying and mastering meditation practices, soul  technologies, and the study of yoga while living in India under the direct supervision of her teacher, Kaleshwar, in order to ambassador to the West from the East, powerful and practical knowledge and tools for healing, greater clarity, success and peace.

Marcie offers a comprehensive package as well as an a la carte option for onsite and offsite/retreats, and seminars that are rich in pure, non-polluted teachings, meditation practices specific to both acute and chronic needs, and that can be implemented immediately. Marcie is sure to surprise you with her quick wit, extensive knowledge, open hearted nature, and her ability to have it all make sense in a very short time.

'Are we there yet? Enlightenment for Busy People' by Marcie Anderson - Book Cover‘Are We There Yet?
Enlightenment for Busy People’

My book is available in paperback and e-book versions on Amazon and NOTE: This is sure to awaken in you familiarity of shared experience, entertainment (at my expense), and a basic foundation to vast knowledge gained in my many years in India.