Marcie Anderson – Author, Healer, Speaker, Coach

'Are we there yet? Enlightenment for Busy People' by Marcie Anderson - Book Cover‘Are We There Yet?
Enlightenment for Busy People’

My new book is out and available in paperback and e-book versions on Amazon and (please see Events page for related upcoming book events, etc.!)

About Marcie Anderson


Marcie Anderson has spent many years studying and practicing meditation, yoga and various forms of healing in India in order to bring back to the West, practical tools that work. You don’t need to sacrifice years of your life in India to receive the same healing, ancient knowledge, soul strengthening practices and enlightenment techniques to bring true and lasting peace.

Marcie shares easy and powerfully effective practices & personalized processes through bridging East and West to bring rapid results to both acute and chronic issues. These issues range from feelings of heartbreak, depression, feeling stuck, lack of clarity/ purpose/inspiration, unworthiness, and fear, to physical challenges/poor health, anxiety, addiction and failed relationships.

You’ve searched for the answers for what causes unhappiness or being dissatisfied in life. The difference in working with Marcie, is that she helps you to create real time, positive, lasting results in weeks.

Marcie is a master at helping to identify what is out of alignment or truth, navigating gracefully the root cause of disappointment, frustration, or sadness.

You are here to live a life of joy, success, love, abundance and pure purpose. Much like if the root of the plant is unhealthy, no matter how much water and rich soil is provided, the plant will not grow properly. Marcie accesses specific methods and systems for her clients and provides not only relief from what is causing negative results, but in turn, helps to create a solid foundation for the positive.