Marcie Anderson – Author, Teacher, Healer

Bringing awareness, healing and empowerment through knowledge, meditation and practice.

About Marcie Anderson

Marcie AndersonMarcie has dedicated over 14 years studying and mastering meditation practices, soul-level healing techniques, and the study of yogas while living in India under the direct supervision of her teacher, Kaleshwar, in order to ambassador to the West, powerful and practical knowledge and tools for healing, clarity and peace from the East.

Marcie is a Soul Project Manager and specializes in transitions; health, career, relationships, and life/death, offering personalized programs and processes in a unique blend of East/West, and presents the pure, non-polluted ancient knowledge of the East in a simple, matter-of-fact way.

'Are we there yet? Enlightenment for Busy People' by Marcie Anderson - Book Cover‘Are We There Yet?
Enlightenment for Busy People’

My new book is out and available in paperback and e-book versions on Amazon and (please see Events page for related upcoming book events, etc.!)